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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

2020 – 2021

22nd September 2020

In our maths session today,  we used variation to support our non standard partitioning. Miss Morrice was very impressed by what we achieved.

We have enjoyed our art work this week linked to the story ‘Voices in the Park’.

We hope you enjoy reading our Autumn term newsletter.

Year 2 Newsletter Autumn One


2019 – 2020

Year 2 Spring 2 newsletter

After finding worms the previous week, some children expressed interest in finding different bugs outdoors, they found a variety of ladybirds, some larvae and some huge worms! After using the folding saw last week to cut a branch, the children cut this wood into smaller pieces and then used a peeler to whittle the wood and remove the bark. Cutting the wood with the saw was hard work, but most children were able to keep on trying until they had sawed through; they found the whittling much easier to do.
This week the river became a lake full of mud and it was far too tempting not to jump in it and smear the mud on their faces! A great time was had by all!

Some children enjoyed the digging last week and decided that they wanted to make a river, there were some good discussions about how to do this and great teamwork and sharing of tools. We also had a go at using the folding saw to cut a branch from the tree.


Some of the children from year 2 have joined Miss Geraghty in the Forest School. The children talked about boundaries and rules one of which was checking for dangerous items on the site that people have thrown over the fence. The children used the grabbers to remove any rubbish and looked carefully all over the site to make sure that it was safe before we started.
They decided that they all wanted to dig, we found worms and all children were concerned that we must look after them and not hurt them. Some children (and adults) had a go at climbing the trees and swinging form them, we discussed where it was safe to put your feet and hands when doing this. Some children found some ‘honey’ (sap) on a tree and we discussed the proper name ‘sap’ and had a look to see if we could find any more on some different trees which we did.
The willow was overgrown and so some children used the loppers to trim the willow so that we can use the willow to make things another time. All children really enjoyed their time outside and are eager to come back next week.

Year 2 Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas Party celebrations

Year 2 Autumn 2 Newsletter

We hope you enjoy reading our class newsletter.

Year 2 Newsletter Autumn 1