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Y6 Summer 1 Newsletter

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Y6 Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 6 Newsletter Spring 1

Day 3

Residential Day 2

Y6 Residential

As part of our topic on war, we have been learning all about different wars and their effects. We have spoken about how soldiers have helped our country and still do, to this day. Therefore, we held a craft workshop where parents were invited into school to create a Christmas card to send to a serving soldier.

2023 – 24

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Y6 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2022 – 2023

Y6 Summer 2 newsletter

Y6 Summer 2 newsletter

Y6 Summer 1 newsletter

Y6 summer 1 newsletter

Spring 2 newsletter

Y6 newsletter Spring 2

We had great fun this afternoon, dissecting a real lambs heart. The children did this as part of our science curriculum, focused on the circulatory system. We were able to identify all the different parts including the aorta, ventricles and atria. All the children thought it was one of the best experiences they’ve ever had!



Year 6 had the pleasure of Alfie’s dad coming into school this morning as a previous soldier in the army to relate to our current topic of War and Conflict. The children were all thoroughly engaged and had a lot of thoughtful questions to ask (especially for a Monday morning). I thought it was interesting that you needed to stand on a plane wing and let go to parachute – Tyler DI was shocked to find out Matthew was not taught how to parachute before doing it – Lily-RoseI was fascinated because he fought in Afghanistan and the civilians offered him food and drinks – RahandI was shocked when I realised Afghanistan people were kind because that’s not how we see them in war – Alfie





Spring 1 newsletter

Y6 Spring 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 newsletter

Y6 autumn 2 newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Y6 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2021 – 2022

Summer 2 Newsletter

Y6 summer 2 newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter

Y6 Summer 1 newsletter.docx

As part of Science week in Year 6, we started to look at osmosis by using skittles and water to demonstrate how the colours disperse into the water. The children really enjoyed seeing the skittles form a rainbow on the plate. We are now using this to investigate what happens to gummy bears in a variety of different solutions including water, salt water, sugar water, vinegar and coke.

Spring 2 Newsletter

Y6 Spring 2 newsletter

We have been investigating electricity . We either investigated one of two questions: can you make or bulb brighter or can you make a buzzer louder? We have a very loud afternoon with lots of buzzers going off!

Y6 spring 1 newsletter

Y6 Newsletter Autumn 2

Year 6 have been working very hard in all areas of the curriculum and are proud of their achievements

In science yesterday, we explored making a shadows by making our own shadow puppets. We watched the performers attraction use shadows to tell a story and it inspired us. We had fun exploring how to make the shadows bigger, smaller and more focused.

Y6 Autumn 1 newsletter

2020 – 2021

Hungerhill transition – Year 6 to Year 7

Summer School launch letter 2021

Transition Camps Flyer – Hungerhill School FINAL

Summer 2 newsletter

Y6 Summer 2 newsletter

This afternoon, Class 14 have been sewing. We learnt how to thread cotton into the eye of the needle, start and end stitches as well as practised our running stitches as we are working towards creating our own hamper bags.

To inspire our writing in literacy, we had a talk from Jasbir Singh, who was a speaker from Greenpeace. He was very informative about climate change and deforestation and we learnt a lot of facts, which will help us write a letter to the prime minister about the changes we think we need to make as a country. 

Some quotes from the children:

Maisie: this is all our planet earth, we should save it

Brajan: its not too late to save the planet

Zara: lamb and beef are two of the worst meats which give out CO2

Emily: it should be called climate emergency not climate change

Summer 1 newsletter

Y6 summer 1 newsletter

In Year 6 today, we used liquorice all sorts to learn about creating our own dichotomous keys, which relates to our science of classification. Some of us loved the smell; others hated it!

Science week

We have been looking at inheritance and adaptation and was trying to find out which bird beak was the best. We used tweezers, scissors, pegs and a teaspoon to mimic a bird bird and tried to collect items to put in our bird stomachs. We had great fun and became really competitive.

Related to our science topic of inheritance, we looked at traits which we inherit from our family. We had great fun finding out who could roll their tongue and who couldn’t – those that couldn’t do it were confused as to how other people could!


Festive fun in year 6!

In Class 14’s computing session today, we were using programming skills on scratch to make different games. Some of us made a maze game, some made a quiz and others tried a two player ping pong game. We now know that scratch refers to the character as a “sprite” and the background as the “stage”. We can all successfully create a sprite and programme it to move. We’re really enjoying using scratch for our lessons.

The children have been using their craft skills to make paper poppies for war remembrance. We have also looked at what sculpture is and the work of some famous sculptures before practising clay techniques. We used these techniques to sculpt poppies before painting them.

Class 13’s art creation linked to the theme of ‘spots’ for Children in need 2020.

Ted has been really excited about our electricity topic. He has been building circuits at home with his own equipment – wires, crocodile clips a battery and a buzzer! In school, he drew a circuit diagram to show what he was doing at home. His plan is to design a power circuit to charge his phone!


We hope that you enjoy reading our autumn 2 newsletter.

Y6 newsletter autumn 2

In jigsaw sessions, we have been looking at disabilities. In this session, we had to work together as a group but each one of us had a disadvantage – one was blindfolded, one couldn’t hear, one only had one arm and the other couldn’t get out of their chair. We found this very frustrating in some cases. Here are some of the thoughts of Class 14:
Lexi – I felt frustrated and sad because I couldn’t see
Zara – it was hard because I couldn’t even turn a glue stick as you couldn’t hold it and turn it at the same time
All – everything got a lot louder when you couldn’t see

Skye was completing a countdown maths activity involving writing the answer sum in the form of BIDMAS and was the first child in the class to get the answer! She was incredibly proud of her achievement. Well done.

As part of our History work,  we learnt about the Stone Age and how hunter gatherers had to go out to find and catch their own food. We then went out with spears and hunted our own food to create a Neolithic menu

Year 6 have carried out a dissection of a pig’s heart . They had great fun! The children identified the locations of the atriums, ventricles and valves. They were shocked at how strong and powerful the heart was!


We have been watching the short film Alma and creating our own visuals about who the owner of the mysterious shop may be. The children have been considering the characters looks, personality and why they might have chosen to trap children inside dolls.

Science fun!

As part of their science work, Year 6 have been making blood! The different ingredients resembled the varying parts of our blood such as the red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma. We put them together to see how they reacted and to understand their important roles.

Inteshar has really impressed Miss Sutcliffe with the effort he has put into his handwriting. He has worked hard to practice joining and the handwriting exercises we did in literacy have really helped!

In Literacy, we have started to have full handwriting lessons to help build up our stamina for writing. To prepare for this, we did a variety of different finger exercise to strengthen our writing hand including using elastic bands and ping pong balls. We had great fun!

We are all very proud of Michael who has recently joined class 13. Michael brought his book in to show everyone. He has written a book of poems that has been published and is now for sale on Amazon! We’ve read a few of the poems together and are very impressed by his writing talent.

We hope you enjoy reading our Autumn term newsletter.

Year 6 Newsletter Autumn One

2019 – 2020

Welcome back to our Y6 children 15.06.2020

Today the children have completed  fraction, decimal, percentage conversions using the amount of different coloured m and m’s in a packet and made silly putty from the art list.

Y6 visited crucial crew last week  where they had a great time learning how to keep themselves safe. They also learnt what to do in an emergency as well as consequences of making the wrong choices.

More of year 6 orienteering. This week we had a relay race to find all 16 flags around the field and playground. We had to collect all the stamps in the quickest time.

Take a look at Year 6’s first lesson on orienteering. We set up mini obstacle courses and practiced our team work, communication and directional skills to navigate our teammates around the course. We had a great time and got really carried away!

Year 6 Spring 2 newsletter

Year 6 Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas Party Fun

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.

Year 6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 1

2018 – 2019

Y6 Prom

The children and staff had a great evening of fun, food and dancing as they attended their end of year 6 prom.

Year 6 Summer newsletter

Year 6 Summer newsletter

Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew gives Year 6 pupils life skills to deal with and avoid a range of potentially hazardous situations. It is supported by staff from Rotherham Road Safety, South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

On 12th March, Year 6 travelled to the Lifewise Centre, Rotherham as part of their Crucial Crew trip.

• The visit covered the following aspects:
• Road safety
• How to travel safely on a bus
• Internet safety
• First aid
• As part of the learning the children visited a replica pub, a shop, a playground and a courtroom. They learned about the consequences involved if you break the law. E.g. stealing from shops; buying/ drinking alcohol or other illegal substances.

The children felt they had gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills in how to deal with everyday experiences they may encounter in the future.

Year 6 Spring 2 Newsletter

Celebrate writing in Year 6

Year 6 have published their own e-book on the iTunes/ Ibook store and we would be grateful if as many people as possible would buy it so they can raise money to adopt an orangutan – it’s only 49p!

Year 6 Spring 1 Newsletter

Y6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Y6 arrived safe and well at Walesby Forest earlier today. The children have enjoyed taking part in different activities including tackling the climbing wall. They are all looking forward to songs around the campfire later this evening.

Y6 Autumn 1 Newsletter


Welcome back after the summer holidays! We hope you had a lovely break and are looking forward to your final, exciting year at Kingfisher, where we hope to be the best we can be!

Y6 Newsletter Autumn 1

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