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Welcome to Reception

2019 – 20

During science week we had the chance to meet lots of different animals from snakes to skunks and learnt lots of new facts about the animals.

FS2 Spring 2 Newsletter

Number fun in Reception.

In Class 2 the children have been enjoying our winter topic, especially watching the ice slowly melt by the end of the day! The children were fascinated by the ice dome Mrs McMahon brought in!

FS2 Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas party celebrations

‘Our First Nativity’

The children thoroughly enjoyed their first Christmas performance to families and friends on Wednesday 11th December.

The children in class 1 and 2 celebrated

Children in Need today.

We hope you enjoy reading our class newsletter.

FS2 Autumn 2 Newsletter

FS2 Aut1 Newsletter

2018 – 19

Science Week

We had great fun during science week. We dressed up as scientists and carried out lots of investigations and experiments.

These are comments from the children:

Harry W – I liked it when the toilet roll went in the air on everybody.

Valentina – All the explosions made me jump!

Kaiya – My favourite was when the the rockets blasted off when Kody said he had a big breakfast.

Oli – My favourite was the big ball flying.

Jessica – I liked it when we put the mentos in the coke bottle and it exploded everywhere.

Lily – My favourite was the floating and sinking because I made boats and put lots of people in and mine didn’t go down so I won some smarties.

Freddie –  I liked trying to blow the balloons up to make the car move, I couldn’t do it but I kept on trying.

Caylin – I liked Mrs McMahon’s car because it went further than ours because ours didn’t work.

Maddie – I liked dressing up as this guy (Albert Einstien)

Harry J – I liked doing science and making the telephones.

Logan – I liked everybody being dressed up. Its funny.

FS2 Summer Newsletter

FS2 Summer newsletter

Comic Relief

FS2 Spring 2 Newsletter

FS2 spring 2 newsletter

FS2 Spring 1 Newsletter

FS2 Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas Concert

The children in FS1 and FS2 enjoyed their Christmas Concert ‘Whoops-a-daisy’ which they performed, with great enthusiasm, to families and friends.

Visit to Anchor House

On Thursday 20th December children in class 1 and 2 visited Anchor House Wheatley to perform their Christmas songs and to deliver a Christmas card. The elderly people enjoyed listening to the songs and some also joined in.

Children in Need fun in FS2

FS2 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Foundation Stage 2 had a lovely afternoon last Friday as we had our ‘snuggly storytime’ to launch our new topic ‘Will You Read me a Story’. We got changed into our pyjamas, snuggled under blankets and listened to lots of different fantastic stories. We pulled an enormous turnip from the ground, turned into witches with an itch, had a picnic with some bears and went under the sea with a mermaid. We even finished off with a hot chocolate and biscuits!

FS2 Autumn 1 Newsletter





FS2 Spring 1 Newsletter

Children in Need