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English Policy 2021


Phonics and Early Reading


Here at Kingfisher we follow a in-house created synthetic phonic scheme which was created by our Literacy Consultant Teresa Heathcote. We use the systems and processes of Letters and Sounds alongside the resources from Read, Write Inc, in order to personalise learning to suit our pupils.

All pupils in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 will be taught daily phonics, following the following sequence.

  • Phoneme/grapheme correspondence
  • Blending for reading
  • Segmenting for spelling
  • Use of rhymes for letter formation

In Year 2, children will be taught phonics if this is still needed. Phonics is taught specifically through a range of well-planned, appropriate interventions.

Phonic Terms:

  • Phonemes: The smallest units of sound that are found within a word
  • Grapheme: The spelling of the sound e.g. Th (the visual/written representation of a sound)
  • Diagraph: Two letters that make one sound when read
  • Trigraphs: Three letters that make one sound
  • CVC: Stands for consonant, vowel, consonant.
  • Segmenting: Breaking up a word into its sounds.
  • Blending : Putting the sounds together to read a word
  • Tricky words: Words that cannot easily be decoded

Phase 2-3 Pure Sounds

Phase 5 Pure Sounds

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