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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!!

2023 – 24

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 3 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Y3 – Pollution Newsletter Autumn

2022 – 2023

Summer 2 newsletter

Y3 summer 2 newsletter

Summer 1 newsletter

Y3 summer 1 newsletter

Spring 2 newsletter

Y3 newsletter Spring 2.docx

Spring 1 newsletter

Y3 spring 1 newsletter.docx

Autumn 2 newsletter

Y3 autumn 2 newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Y3 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2021 – 2022

As part of our theme work around ‘Plastic Pollution’, we have been learning about how you can ‘reuse’ your plastic by making things! Take a look at our fantastic turtle that we have created in Year 3.

Summer 2 Newsletter

Y3 summer 2 newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter

Y3 Summer 1 newsletter

Year 3 have been learning to play the glockenspiel as part of their Charanga music lessons. They have already mastered their first  song!


Y3 are studying the artist Godfrey Caleb and this afternoon, class 7 have been experimenting with painting with different shades of coffee and class 8 have painted a tree with coffee!

Spring 2 Newsletter

Y3 Spring 2 newsletter

Spring 1 newsletter

Y3 Spring 1 newsletter.docx

The children have been engaging in different areas of the curriculum in Year 3. In our PE lessons we have been exploring balancing as well as taking part in basketball with Danum Eagles. In maths we are currently working on regrouping whilst in science we are investigating magnets.


Y3 Newsletter Autumn 2

Y3 Autumn 1 newsletter

2020 – 2021

Layla (C7) has created a poem for the Sandall Park competition – well done.

Summer 2 newsletter

Y3 Summer 2 newsletter

Summer 1 newsletter

Y3 Summer 1 Newsletter

Science week

In our investigation we were looking at how water travels through plants. We did this by adding food colouring to the water and seeing if the plant changed colour.

The children in year 3 have been enjoying a variety of Christmas activities during the last few days of term.

Class 8’s art creation linked to the theme of ‘spots’ for Children in need 2020

We hope that you enjoy reading our autumn 2 newsletter.

Y3 newsletter autumn 2

Leon worked really hard to paint the Ndebele pattern.

The children in year 3 have been retelling the story of the Dream Giver. Take a look at our work ‘selfies’.

Year 3 having been enjoying playing with the equipment during breaktime.

During literacy, class 7 have been describing the dream giver.

We have used water colours to represent ‘hopeful’ and ‘hopeless’ during our art lessons.

In maths time we went outside to draw number lines and plot chosen numbers onto our number line.

We hope that you enjoy reading our Autumn term newsletter.

Year 3 Newsletter Autumn One

2019 – 2020

Year 3 Spring 2 Newsletter

Year 3 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 3 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 3 have been designing, sewing and filling Christmas Sacks for the homeless people of Doncaster. Miss Morrice and Mrs Geraghty then passed them over to the Doncaster Outreach Services who distributed them to the homeless.

Immersion Day!

For our immersion day, Year 3 experience a day in the life of a homeless person. They were set the task of building shelters, finding shelter from the cold, wet weather and creating persuasive posters.


Year 3 visit to Wilderspin School Museum

We hope you enjoy reading our class newsletter.

Year 3 Newsletter Autumn 1


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