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Welcome to our Nursery Page!!

2018 – 19

FS1 Autumn 2 Newsletter

After reading our story ‘Leaf Man’, we decided to go for an Autumn walk to see if we could find some Autumn leaves to make our very own Leaf Man. The children had already collected lots of Autumn treasure with their families over the weekend, next week we will be using their Autumn treasure for lots of creative activities.

FS1 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2017 – 2018

FS1 Summer 2 Newsletter

FS1 Newsletter Summer 1

Easter craft activities with families.

Whilst planting apple trees in the nursery garden we found worms and slugs.

FS1 Spring 2 Newsletter

Our topic is ‘How does that building stay up’

This morning the children had found a fairy door and a tiny letter from a fairy. The fairy asked the children if they could build her a house to live in. Lucas chose to build her a house from our junk modelling materials. He said he made it really tall because he wanted to make it big enough for all the fairies to live in.


FS1 Newsletter Spring 1

One day the children came into nursery to find a door and a little elf holding a letter.


Look at the mess that Elfie left this morning! He decorated a beautiful tree, but what a mess he made on the table. Merri Kismas? We think Elfie needs to practise his spellings!

Elfie 1

Clever little Elfie has been very busy building himself a house overnight. Do you know that our nursery children are so good that Elfie’s house was still standing at the end of the day?

Elfie 2                             Elfie 3

Oh my goodness look what that naughty elf has done! He’s knocked down the house!

This morning we came into nursery and our Elfie had done something amazing….. he had transformed our big cardboard house into santa’s house. We made some candy canes and we helped Elfie to decorate the house with them.Elfie 4

FS2 Autumn 2 Newsletter

FS1 Newsletter Autumn 1

2016 – 2017

‘Are eggs alive?’ was the topic for this half term in nursery.

The children went on a walk and we looked for signs of spring in our outdoor areas. We discussed the flowers that has grown and how the trees had begun to grow new leaves.

Next we learned the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and learned about how butterflies started off as eggs. We had our very own caterpillars in nursery and watched them grow from tiny caterpillars into huge caterpillars that changed into cocoons.  We think they will change into butterflies after the school holiday. We made a big hungry caterpillar from balloons, paper and glue and we painted our own caterpillar pictures.

While our caterpillars were busy eating and growing, we got our very own chick eggs. We kept them nice and warm in the incubator until one morning, we came to school and five chicks had hatched!

We had four yellow chicks, these were boys and one brown girl chick. Because the chicks looked the same we couldn’t pick names for all of them so we named them Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3, we named the brown hen chick Henrietta and the yellow boy with stripes, Chickaloo.

When our chicks were busy eating and growing bigger, we did some planting outside in our wild area and inside we planted our very own sunflowers and beans.

We have had a great time in nursery learning about life cycles and growing.


pdf_iconAutumn Newsletter 1



FS1 Newsletter Spring 2

FS1 Summer 1 Newsletter

FS1 Summer 2 Newsletter