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Welcome to our Nursery Page!!

2019 – 2020

We had a very busy week in Nursery during Science Week
We had a visit from Leeanimals and saw lots of different animals, some were very scary, some were soft and some were slithery, squeaky or smooth!
We were all very brave and got a certificate to say so!
We saved the seeds from inside our apples when we had apples as a snack.  We learned how to plant seeds and what order to do things in and then we had a go at planting our own seeds.   Together we estimated how long we though it would take for our seeds to grow and put the timer on to check if were right. The seeds didn’t grow after 2 minutes, 5 minutes or even 16 minutes so we had another guess at how many sleeps it would be.
Some children painted some spring flowers.
We loved our science experiment mixing different ingredients together and making messy gooey slime.
We all got to make and take home our own pot of slime to have fun with at home!
This week we have had lots of exciting things happening all around reading and books in Nursery. We had a lady come to school who exchanged our world book day tokens for a brand new story book for every child, the children enjoyed going to visit the school library and choosing their own books.
We had a cosy pyjama day where the children brought in their favourite stories from home to share with their friends and adults in school, we painted pictures of our favourite books in school and we shared toast and hot chocolate and watched a Julia Donaldson story on TV.
On World Book Day, the children brought in the masquerade masks that they had designed and decorated at home and they entered a competition. Well done to Everlynn who won a prize of two storybooks. We also had a visit from an illustrator who read a story and then spent some time with the children doodling, drawing shapes and shading.

We have enjoyed making, eating, flipping and talking about how to make pancakes this week in Nursery.

The new children have settled well into nursery and are enjoying their learning.

FS1 Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas party celebrations

Outdoor fun in Nursery

Children in Need 2019

This is what the children have been saying:

“Pudsey Bear needs some money because he needs it for everybody to buy everything like toys or a bed or if they’re poorly he might make them better”

“We get money for Pudsey to get some food for the children “

“I’m wearing a Pudsey Bear t-shirt ‘cos we put money in the pot for the kids with no house, mummy or daddy or no car”


Diwali Celebrations

We read the story of Diwali with Peppa Pig,  dressed up in Indian outfits, did some Indian dancing, had Henna designs on our hands and also we tried Diwali Sweets.

FS1 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Halloween fun in nursery!

We hope you enjoy reading our class newsletter.

FS1 Aut1 Newsletter

Take a look at our first photos from Forest School.

2018 – 19

Sports Day Fun

Kingfisher by the sea

Yesterday, we invited our families into FS1 for a fun day ‘by the sea’ . We paddled in the water, made flags and also built sandcastles. As a final reward we all enjoyed fish and chips for lunch followed by ice cream.

Science Week

We have had great fun in nursery during science week. We dressed up as scientists and carried out lots of different investigations and experiments.



FS1 Summer newsletter

FS1 Spring 2 Newsletter

Comic Relief 2019

Tree Planting in the school grounds

Foundation Stage One children have been busy planting tree saplings to create a wood for the benefit of all children at Kingfisher Primary. Miss Geraghty applied to the Woodland Trust who donated 105 saplings to create a medium working wood along with an additional 30 saplings and 30 small bushes.
The long term project for the area of land at Kingfisher where the saplings are planted, is for the pupils to be able to engage in Forest School learning and experiences. They will benefit from Forest school as it allows them the freedom and challenge to explore and learn first hand what happens in the natural world. Children will develop problem solving skills which they can then apply to their indoor learning.

FS1 Spring 2 Newsletter

FS1 Spring 2 Newsletter

FS1 Spring 1 Newsletter

FS1 Spring 1 Newsletter


Christmas Concert

The children in FS1 and FS2 enjoyed their Christmas Concert ‘Whoops-a-daisy’ which they performed with great enthusiasm to families and friends.

Children in Need fun in Nursery

FS1 Autumn 2 Newsletter

After reading our story ‘Leaf Man’, we decided to go for an Autumn walk to see if we could find some Autumn leaves to make our very own Leaf Man. The children had already collected lots of Autumn treasure with their families over the weekend, next week we will be using their Autumn treasure for lots of creative activities.

FS1 Autumn 1 Newsletter



Easter craft activities with families.

Whilst planting apple trees in the nursery garden we found worms and slugs.