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We have developed a philosophy of “something for everyone / fit for life”. By offering a wide range of sports and activities we support children in finding a physical activity that they enjoy and that will enable them in being active. A wide range of extra curricular activities are offered to children. Children are sign posted to opportunities outside of school. P.E lessons ensure children are active and receive coaching and development in a wide range of sports / activities. Play times are structured and the use of the “Fit Stop” ensures children participate in a range of supervised activities at play times. The school subscribes to South Yorkshire Sport active work place to ensure that participation opportunities are highlighted for staff as well as pupils.

Children’s performance is assessed against a number of specific measures in September of each year. These results inform P.E leaders of any specific groups (low and high achievers) and measures put in place to ensure challenge for these groups. Assessments will be repeated at the end and half way points in the year.
Elite Performance
Children who excel in sports will be able to access enhanced provision in school as well as being sign posted to clubs outside of school. The school will commit to actively seeking opportunities for more able pupils.

Development / Coaching
A team of teachers has been established to take a lead in all the areas identified in this statement. These staff ensure that communication with school leadership is maintained and that the aims of the programme are fulfilled. Staff and children are able to access coaching qualifications and professional development opportunities throughout the year. Playground Leaders are trained on an ongoing basis and will be used to support activities at playtimes.

Each class has adopted a sporting team for the duration of the academic year. Each week the classes study a particular area of their team. Activities link to curriculum areas such as science, art, design and technology, literacy, numeracy and history. The purpose of this work is to ensure children develop and understanding of the different jobs that are required by sporting teams and that it is possible to secure employment in sport in a form other than elite performance.

Classes will deliver whole school assemblies throughout the year to share information about their team. Specific time during the week, coupled with a long term shared strategic plan will ensure effective delivery of this area. Key sporting events (World Cups, Olympics etc) will be identified when completing whole school yearly planning. These events will be linked to the school’s curriculum to ensure the profile of the event is raised and that children have a thorough understanding of the importance / context of the event.

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