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2023 – 24

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Y4 Summer 1 Newsletter

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2022 – 2023

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Y4 summer 1 newsletter

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Y4 autumn 2 newsletter

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2021 – 2022

Y4 summer 2 newsletter

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Y4 have put their sketching skills into practice by sketching a Viking as that is their History topic this half term.

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Y4 Newsletter Autmun 2

Y4 Autumn 1 newsletter

2020 – 2021

Year 4 have had an incredible PE day today. We completed an Astrea Olympics events in our class teams and then went head to head in our house teams to race, jump, balance, and wheelbarrow!
Here are some of the comments the children have made.
“My team came fourth, but actually we all won because we had such a good time!” Lily-Rose
“Thank you so much for spending the morning with us and playing with us Miss Kenwright, we have had a great time!” Rahand
Also, great sportsmanship shown from Rahand and Charlotte today that was brilliantly impressed with. Adam fell over in the sack race and Charlotte jumped out of her sack to help him back in and didn’t carry on until she had seen Adam set back off. Rahand awarded Charlotte 3 house points for great sportsmanship and cheered on his competitors after he had won.

Summer 2 newsletter

Y4 Summer 2 newsletter

Class 9’s postcards this week were awarded to David for hard work and improvements in literacy and Esme for confidence and maths reasoning skills. Well done.

Yesterday, year 4 spent the day in a Victorian Workhouse. We saw what it would be like to sleep, work and what children would have eaten. We spent time ‘unpicking oakam’. The language we generated helped us understand living in a workhouse as like being in prison and soul destroying.

Summer 1 Newsletter

Y4 Summer 1 Newsletter

Science week

As part of Science week, year 4 made ice cream in less than 10 minutes. We learnt about the chemical reactions that make this happen as well as measuring our ingredients carefully. We had to shake the bags for 5 minutes- our hands were freezing! We enjoyed our ice cream with strawberry sauce and sprinkles at the end!

This week we starting working on a competition for M & S. We have been challenged to write the new Christmas advert for a Chocolate Crunchie Munchie Cake. We had to make (and taste- purely for market research purposes of course!) the recipe ready to describe it for our advert. This is not just a dessert- it’s a year 4 M & S dessert!

It has been a chocolate week this week in year 4. We investigated the melting points of different types of chocolate as part of our science looking at states of matter. We looked at how quickly and at what temperature chocolate turned from a solid to a liquid and why it happened!

In PE today we completed a relay race using our orienteering skills of agility, coordination and balance. We had to read the map to follow the route at the same time- which we found tricky!

The children had great fun creating their individual artwork around the theme of ‘spots’ to celebrate Children in Need. We hope you like our end product.

We hope that you enjoy reading our autumn 2 newsletter

Y4 newsletter autumn 2


Science work

This week, year 4 have been learning about the parts of the digestive system. We created our own life size diagram using craft materials and drawing around each other and we had a great time labelling it!
We also made a model of a digestive system and found out what happens to our food as it moves through the body. We thought it was particularly disgusting finding out about sick and where our food ends up!

23rd September 2020

In literacy this week we received a mysterious basket asking us to apply to be apprentice tea tasters. We had a great time tasting different types of tea and we wrote amazing descriptive sentences. Then another basket was delivered with our new story, Cloud Tea Monkeys and a box of monkey tea! We tasted the tea and found out about the main character in the story- Tashi, whose mum is a tea picker and often goes hungry.

This week played a game of dominoes to practice partitioning 4-digit numbers. We had to think carefully about which representation matched the number. Once we had completed the game, we timed ourselves to see if we could complete the game faster.
We used iPads to practice placing numbers on a number line. This included placing a variety of 2, 3- and 4-digit numbers on number lines with various different increments which also made the task more challenging. The closer we got in accuracy, the more points we won which meant we got very competitive with our partners!

We hope that you enjoy reading our Autumn term newsletter.

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2019 – 2020

Year 4 Spring 2 newsletter

Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 4 Autumn 2 Newsletter

We hope you enjoy reading our class newsletter.

Year 4 Newsletter Autumn 1

Year 4 enjoyed their first PE session at ‘Goals’ this week where they joined the sports coaches to play a variety of team games including dodge ball and football.

2018 – 2019

Astrea Shakespeare Festival

Recently, the children in Y4 had the opportunity to perform their own version of ‘The Tempest’ – one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedic tragedies. They performed their play in a Sheffield theatre as well as watching performances from other Astrea schools – well done to all the children and staff that took part.

Year 4 Summer Newsletter

Year 4 Summer newsletter

Year 4 Spring 2 Newsletter

Year 4 Spring 2 Newsletter

Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter

Y4 Visit to Wilderspin

On Wednesday 23rd January, Year 4 had the opportunity to visit Wilderspin National School where we stepped back in time. The year was 1897 and we had become Victorian children. We were able to  experience what a typical school day was like for Victorian children. Our strict Victorian teacher, Mrs Jones taught us the ‘Three R’s’; Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We began our day by entering through different doors (boys through one and the girls through another) and then took our places in the dark and dingy classroom. 

We had to write our ABC’s in fancy writing using a chalk pencil and on slates – it was really difficult! Liam, who is left handed, was made to wear finger gloves so that he had to write with his right hand – how unfair! 

We then had to chant our eight times table and if we got it wrong, we could have been punished. One poor child had to stand in the corner of the classroom with the dreaded Dunce hat on! 

Also, we got to experience a drill session in the icy playground. We had to follow strict instructions, making sure we did exactly what was told as we didn’t want to be punished for not doing it right! We could see Mrs Jones’ cane and we definitely didn’t want her to use it.

In the afternoon, we were able to be 21st Century children again and find out how we learn about the past. We learnt how cameras were used in the Victorian times and how difficult it was to stand completely still. We even got to pose for our very own Victorian era style photos.

Visit to Grimm & Co

As part of their ‘Potions’ theme work, Year 4 visited ‘Grimm & Co – Yorkshire’s only Apothecary to the Magical.’ As the children arrived they discovered the secret door into the imagination gym, before climbing the giant’s bookcase up to the writer’s pad, where the magic began. The children worked with ‘experts’ to create their own imaginative stories before returning to ‘the land of the mortals via the giant’s beanstalk slide’. The children returned to school with their amazing published books – well done Year 4 we have many budding authors of the future.

Y4 Autumn 2 Newsletter

As part of their theme ‘I am Warrior’ Year 4 enjoyed an exciting visit to Doncaster Museum. The children took part in 2 workshops, the first workshop focused on the Roman Invasion of Britain and the local importance of this. Children were able to dress in a range of clothing, including a soldier’s uniform as well as handling genuine Roman artefacts. In the second workshop, the children explored the techniques of an archaeological investigation, identifying artefacts and finding out how we can understand life in the past through items found.

Y4 Autumn 1 Newsletter


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