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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

2018 – 2019

Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 4 Spring 1 Newsletter

Visit to Grimm & Co

As part of their ‘Potions’ theme work, Year 4 visited ‘Grimm & Co – Yorkshire’s only Apothecary to the Magical.’ As the children arrived they discovered the secret door into the imagination gym, before climbing the giant’s bookcase up to the writer’s pad, where the magic began. The children worked with ‘experts’ to create their own imaginative stories before returning to ‘the land of the mortals via the giant’s beanstalk slide’. The children returned to school with their amazing published books – well done Year 4 we have many budding authors of the future.

Y4 Autumn 2 Newsletter

As part of their theme ‘I am Warrior’ Year 4 enjoyed an exciting visit to Doncaster Museum. The children took part in 2 workshops, the first workshop focused on the Roman Invasion of Britain and the local importance of this. Children were able to dress in a range of clothing, including a soldier’s uniform as well as handling genuine Roman artefacts. In the second workshop, the children explored the techniques of an archaeological investigation, identifying artefacts and finding out how we can understand life in the past through items found.

Y4 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2017 – 2018

Y4 Summer 2 Newsletter

Y4 Summer 1 Newsletter

Y4 Spring 2 Newsletter

Y4 Spring 1 newsletter

Magna Visit

On Tuesday 12th December, Year 4 went to Magna, the Science Adventure Centre. We took part in an exciting workshop about Solids, Liquids and Gases, where we made paint using lots of everyday items as well as watching what happens when you empty a whole tube of Mentos into a bottle of lemonade – it caused quite a mess when it reached the ceiling!

As we knew that Magna was a former steelworks, we found out some more by watching the ‘Big Melt’, where we discovered how the factory made usable steel by heating steel scraps and forming them into new metal. Some of us couldn’t believe that steel could actually be liquid!

After our workshop, we all enjoyed exploring all of the different zones. There were 4 – one for each of the elements. We enjoyed making a fire tornado in the fire zone, excavating rocks in the earth zone, making lots of noise in the air zone and finally playing with lots of pumps and jets in the water zone. Ask us which was our favourite!


Y4 Autumn 2 Newsletter (1)

Y4 Newsletter Autumn 1


2016 – 2017

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Y4 Spring 2 Newsletter

Y4 Summer 1 Newsletter

Y4 Summer 2 Newsletter

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