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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 (Classes 11 & 12)

2018 – 19

As part of their theme work ‘Scream Machine’, Year 5 visited Flamingo Land. First of all they took part in a workshop where they learnt about the forces and working mechanisms of some of the rides. After the workshop the children were able to test their nerve by riding some of the adrenaline-fuelled rides or visiting the zoo and conservation area for a quieter option. Everybody had a great time and arrived back exhausted – a great end to their learning about forces and mechanisms.


Y5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Y5 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2017 – 2018

Y5 Sleepover

Y5 Summer 2 Newsletter

Y5 Summer 1 Newsletter

Through the decades theme day. Can you guess which decade we represent?

Y5 Spring 2 Newsletter

The children in Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their theme work linked to World War One ‘Fallen Fields’. To celebrate the work they have produced they invited parents into school to take a look at some of their hard work including propaganda posters, diary writing, artwork, songs and also home learning.

Y5 Spring 1 Newsletter

Y5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Take a look at our pictures from outer space during our visit to The National Space Centre.

Y5 Newsletter Autumn 1


2016 – 2017

The website for the swimming registration online form is as follows:


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Y5 Summer 1 Newsletter

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