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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 (Classes 11 & 12)

2023 – 24

Summer 2 Newsletter

Y5 Newsletter

In year 5, we have combined our history learning of the Industrial Revolution and our D.T learning to create and design our own models of a steam train.
We thoroughly enjoyed making our own electrical circuit to make our trains move and then painting our trains so that our design vision could come to life!
Class 12 have been investigating the impact surface area has on air resistance. We have created and conducted an experiment using parachutes to test out our theory.
We have found out that the bigger the parachute, the more air resistance there is, which means it takes longer for the parachute to fall.
We had great fun testing to see if our parachute was safe enough to protect our egg when landing!

Year 5 have had a great start to their new science topic: forces. We have been investigating if streamlined shapes fall through water at a faster or slower rate!

Summer 1 Newsletter

Y5 Summer 1 Newsletter

Class 12 have had great fun starting their new topic around forces today in science. They have learnt what a force is and then explored the Newton Metre to investigate the impact an item’s mass has on its force.

Class 12 have produced some amazing bunting to welcome people to Doncaster. They have shown great teamwork and determination when sewing their fabric together and have created some amazing outcomes! Well Done Class 12!

Class 12 have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own video games. They have been incredibly creative and used lots of different computing skills to make their monsters move, and their games come to life!

Spring 2 Newsletter

Y5 Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 5 Newsletter Spring 1

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Y5 – Autumn 1 Doncaster

2022 – 2023

Y5 summer 2 newsletter

Y5 Summer 2 newsletter

Y5 summer 1 newsletter

Y5 summer 1 newsletter

Spring 2 newsletter

Y5 newsletter Spring 2.docx

Spring 1 newsletter

Y5 Spring 1 newsletter

Autumn 2 newsletter

Y5 autumn 2 newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Y5 Autumn 1 Newsletter

2021 – 2022

Summer 2 Newsletter

Y5 summer 2 newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter

Y5 Summer 1 newsletter.docx

Please click below an article, which has been published for the city status competition which was won by our Y5 children.

As part of world book day, Class 11 decided to explore the book: Culture and Diversity by Marie Murray. The children felt that it embraced the message that we have in Class 11 – We are all friends and are all one team. Upon exploring the book, we decided it would be good to show that not only our class are a team but the whole world. We created a piece of artwork that represents this, using the flags around the world. Each child also had a language, where they had to research how to say and write: We are one. All of the children then wrote their chosen language on the piece of artwork. The children found this extremely fun, especially trying to write in Chinese!

As part of our Literacy learning, we have been exploring the Bermuda Triangle. One of our tasks was to research one of the top 10 Bermuda Triangle disappearances. From our research, in groups, we created a CSI board to find out: what happened. where they set off from, were there any casualties, the date and times etc. We had so much fun creating our CSI boards and researching all of this information. Please take a look at our CSI boards!

Spring 2 Newsletter

Y5 Spring 2 newsletter.docx

As part of our Year 5 global curriculum learning, we have been discovering Doncaster’s history. As part of this, we planned to complete a mural for our artwork, which featured Doncaster’s history. This was to coincide with the mural outside of Doncaster’s train station. However, whilst completing our artwork, we discovered a Doncaster competition, which was to help Doncaster to become a city. Therefore, we have entered our mural into this competition because we have worked extremely hard on this and with our determination and effort, we believe we have contributed towards making Doncaster become a city. Take a look at this free press article, which has published our artwork!

Spring 1 newsletter

Y5 spring 1 newsletter

There are some photos, which focus on the art skills – to be able to transfer onto the mural that Year 5 are creating to enter the Doncaster competition.

There  photos were taken during the Y5 Roman day. The children were involved in creating a Roman formation using the shields that they made in school.

Y5 Newsletter Autumn 2

Y5 Autumn 1 newsletter

2020 – 2021

Summer 2 newsletter

Y5 Summer 2 newsletter.docx

Summer 1 newsletter

Y5 summer 1 newsletter

The children in Year 5 have been creating Easter gardens for the competition at St Paul’s.

Year 5 have been enjoying a variety of lessons since returning to school.

Year 5 have been enjoying a variety of festive activities.

Class 11 have been working on their team building skills before doing some orienteering around the school grounds.

Class 11’s art creation linked to the theme of ‘spots’ for Children in need 2020.

We hope that you enjoy reading our autumn 2 newsletter.

Y5 newsletter autumn 2

Miss Penn was very impressed with the scarf that Keira made for her – impressive knitting skills Keira.

The children in year 5 have been working on estimation during maths by working out how much it would cost to make a pizza.

Well done  to the children that received postcards this week. They have all gained amazing confidence this week and have worked incredibly hard in everything they have done.


These children have been awarded with a postcard for their hard work and a brilliant start to year 5. Well done!

We hope that you enjoy reading our autumn 1 newsletter

Year 5 Newsletter Autumn One

2019 – 20

Year 5 Spring 2 newsletter

As part of our PSHE lessons we have been learning how to put somebody into the recovery position.

Children have been distinguishing between fact/ fiction linked to the Coronavirus and have also learnt the correct procedure for hand washing in order to further avoid the spread of disease.

As part of their literacy work based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Y5 have been creating their own models of Frankenstein.


Year 5 Spring 1 Newsletter

Christmas party celebrations

Year 5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 1

Y5 science day at Outwood Academy

2018 – 19

Year 5 Summer Newsletter

Year 5 Summer newsletter

Year 5 Visit to Boston Park

Last Tuesday, Year 5 went to Boston Park farm as part of our migration topic and were really excited. At the farm, the children were separated into four smaller groups and did a rotation of four different activities. Within these activities, the children got the chance to experience a trailer ride with a tractor, where the worker showed us the crops that were currently being grown relating this to how much of our lunch comes from a farm, either in the UK or across the world. We went on a nature walk, where we had to collect a selection of activities and answer wildlife related questions. The children got the opportunity to hold, stroke and feed a small selection of the baby animals on the farm, looking at which country some of the animals are native too. Finally, we made a collage using different seeds from around the world, learning where this came from. Some of the children were daring enough to attempt eating a raw pumpkin seed too, however some immediately regretted this!

Year 5 Spring 2 Newsletter

Year 5 Spring 2 Newsletter

Year 5 Spring 1 Newsletter

Year 5 Spring 1 Newsletter

As part of their topic this term ‘Time Traveller’, the children in Year 5 invited their grandparents into school to share photos and memories from when they were younger. The children and grandparents had a great afternoon sharing stories.

Comments from the grandparents:

‘I have enjoyed meeting the children, answering their questions and showing all my photos to them. The coffee was good too!’

‘What a wonderful experience talking to such interesting children, I really enjoyed the day.’

‘An excellent project! Glad I could pass on some of the things that happened when I was younger. All the kids were brilliant and asked good questions.’

‘I have enjoyed this afternoon, the children asked some really good questions and the surprise on their faces at some of the answers was priceless (I think they enjoyed it too).’

As part of their theme work ‘Scream Machine’, Year 5 visited Flamingo Land. First of all they took part in a workshop where they learnt about the forces and working mechanisms of some of the rides. After the workshop the children were able to test their nerve by riding some of the adrenaline-fuelled rides or visiting the zoo and conservation area for a quieter option. Everybody had a great time and arrived back exhausted – a great end to their learning about forces and mechanisms.



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