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Y5 visit to Boston Park

Last Tuesday, Year 5 went to Boston Park farm as part of our migration topic and were really excited. At the farm, the children were separated into four smaller groups and did a rotation of four different activities. Within these activities, the children got the chance to experience a trailer ride with a tractor, where the worker showed us the crops that were currently being grown relating this to how much of our lunch comes from a farm, either in the UK or across the world. We went on a nature walk, where we had to collect a selection of activities and answer wildlife related questions. The children got the opportunity to hold, stroke and feed a small selection of the baby animals on the farm, looking at which country some of the animals are native too. Finally, we made a collage using different seeds from around the world, learning where this came from. Some of the children were daring enough to attempt eating a raw pumpkin seed too, however some immediately regretted this!

Esmay – I learnt about different foods from different places in the world like white and black rice which comes from India.

Charlie – My favourite part of the day was feeding all the animals and the tractor ride.

Khaddi – I learnt how to hold a rabbit properly.

Seth – I learnt that hay and straw are different to each other, one is for eating and one is for bedding.

Samantha – My favourite part was the tractor ride and holding the bunnies.

Eireann – I enjoyed feeding the cows, alpacas, turkeys and chickens.

Karolina – I learnt that tea is made of dry leaves that get crushed into a coffee-like substance.

Sienna – I liked the nature walk because you had to find lots of things and work as a team.

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