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Y4 visit to Wilderspin

On Wednesday 23rd January, Year 4 had the opportunity to visit Wilderspin National School where we stepped back in time. The year was 1897 and we had become Victorian children. We were able to  experience what a typical school day was like for Victorian children. Our strict Victorian teacher, Mrs Jones taught us the ‘Three R’s’; Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We began our day by entering through different doors (boys through one and the girls through another) and then took our places in the dark and dingy classroom. 

We had to write our ABC’s in fancy writing using a chalk pencil and on slates – it was really difficult! Liam, who is left handed, was made to wear finger gloves so that he had to write with his right hand – how unfair! 

We then had to chant our eight times table and if we got it wrong, we could have been punished. One poor child had to stand in the corner of the classroom with the dreaded Dunce hat on! 

Also, we got to experience a drill session in the icy playground. We had to follow strict instructions, making sure we did exactly what was told as we didn’t want to be punished for not doing it right! We could see Mrs Jones’ cane and we definitely didn’t want her to use it.

In the afternoon, we were able to be 21st Century children again and find out how we learn about the past. We learnt how cameras were used in the Victorian times and how difficult it was to stand completely still. We even got to pose for our very own Victorian era style photos.

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