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War has been declared!

On Tuesday war was declared in Year 6 so the children had to pack their suitcases and were evacuated to Wales (aka the school hall!) The evacuees boarded the train and arrived just after lunch at their destination, sitting like cattle in an auction, anxiously waiting to be chosen by a host family.  Once all the children were housed they enjoyed taking part in a range of World War 2 themed activities: Clay medals, propaganda posters, model Lancaster bomber or spit fires, designing a victory garden and the afternoon’s favourite – making an Anderson shelter. During the air raid there were a number of children who lost their limbs, one of our parents ended up on crutches and one family had to send their father to the hospital whilst mum remained and looked after her evacuees!! At the end of the day, there was an announcement on the wireless declaring war was over – the children could return ho

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