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Science week

This week the children have been involved in a range of activities inked to British Science week.
‘To start off and celebrate British Science Week, Year 2 explored ‘reactions.’ We used vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda to inflate balloons. At first, we didn’t believe that this was possible, but we soon found out that it absolutely was.   Our new vocabulary included: acid, base, reaction, release, inflate and Carbon Dioxide.

Year 4 made ice cream in less than 10 minutes. We learnt about the chemical reactions that make this happen as well as measuring our ingredients carefully. We had to shake the bags for 5 minutes- our hands were freezing! We enjoyed our ice cream with strawberry sauce and sprinkles at the end!

In Year 3 our investigation we were looking at how water travels through plants. We did this by adding food colouring to the water and seeing if the plant changed colour.

Year 6 have been looking at inheritance and adaptation and was trying to find out which bird beak was the best. We used tweezers, scissors, pegs and a teaspoon to mimic a bird bird and tried to collect items to put in our bird stomachs. We had great fun and became really competitive.


In FS1 we have planted sunflower seeds for Mother’s Day. We have also planted some other seeds and bulbs that we are going to grow in our classroom.

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