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Here at Kingfisher, our aim is to develop as many opportunities to cement the partnership between home and school in order to gain the best outcomes for our pupils.

By creating the Kingfisher Family Workshops, we hope to bring school and families together to improve both academic and social success for our children. With the skills and strategies learnt during the workshops, families will be able to help their children academically as well as grow in confidence and resilience. Families will be given the opportunity to develop their own knowledge of the expectations within curriculum and delve into current methods and techniques used in schools.  Gone will be the days of hearing, ‘we didn’t do it like that when I was at school.’  We aim for families to leave our workshops feeling confident that they have the skills to support their children in their learning.

We aim to keep our workshops fun and interactive through participation and group work, in a setting where families feel supported. Participating in the workshops is also a great way for families to build relationships, share experiences and see school life in action.

2018/2019 was our first full year of the Kingfisher Family Workshops. These allowed families to visit school and see school life in action. Time was also spend with staff, talking through the Kingfisher way of teaching, celebrating learning and sharing of techniques and strategies to support children at home. This academic year, after feedback from families, our aim is ensure that all workshops are an opportunity for families to work collaboratively with their children. Meaning an opportunity for you to take part in a reading,  science, music, art, maths, PE, geography, history session with your child! We can’t wait!

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Workshop Overview

  • Art  – An opportunity to get creative with your children! Bring an old shirt… it could get messy!
  • P4C – Come and join in with one of our fantastic Philosophy for Children sessions, where we will be delving into conversations and expressing our opinions.
  • Music – Check out our brand new Music scheme… CHARANGA! Get ready to sing, dance and make some noise!
  • Reading – This year our reading focus is fluency – these workshops will be a jam-packed with fun ways to enjoy reading at home!
  • Maths – The maths sessions this year will be challenged based – are you ready to take on the challenge?
  • DT –  Cooking, Sewing, Building, Constructing?  It’s competition time!
  • Science – Come and take part in one of our EXPLOSIVE science experiments.
  • PE – Bring your PE Kits – GAME ON!


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