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Please see the letter below outlining the LA statutory procedures

Parental letter re LA statutory procedures


Dear Families

I am writing to inform you that the academy is launching a new attendance initiative. We have revised our procedures and will be working with families to improve attendance and punctuality. This is because research has shown regular attendance and good punctuality are crucial factors in pupils achieving their full potential. Kingfisher Primary is committed to providing a full and efficient education to all, and encouraging our children to strive for excellence. Therefore, for a pupil to reach their full educational achievement, a high level of attendance is essential.

We wish to work in partnership with families and so are seeking your full support in ensuring that your child attends our academy every day and on time. We are always pleased to work together with families in resolving any difficulties but we are also committed to improving attendance levels.

The target attendance figure for all pupils is a minimum of 97% attendance. Based on current attendance figures your child will be placed in one of the following groups below.

Group 1: No Concern 

100% attendance

Group 2: Concern 

The child attends for 99.9% – 96% of the time.

Group 3: Risk of Underachievement 

The child attends for 95.9% – 93% of the time.

Group 4: Severe Risk of Underachievement 

The child attends for 92.9% – 90% of the time.

Group 5: Extreme Risk of Underachievement 

The child attends for 89.9% – 0% of the time.

Astrea Attendance Tree Primary

Regular attendance is not just a legal requirement, but it is vital for pupils to maximise their learning, and achieve full potential here at Kingfisher Primary.


Doncaster Council have launched the Sam and Sammie Website to help promote attendance throughout Doncaster. There are a lot of fun games and activities so check them out by logging onto




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