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Look for a Book

A huge well done to our lucky winners who successfully found one of our hidden books!



🎄🎄To celebrate our love of reading, this year the children will be taking part in The 12 Days of Look for a Book. For the last 12 days of the Christmas term, books will be hidden around school, wrapped in festive paper. Whoever finds the books, gets to keep them!
Keep checking back in for photographs of the lucky winners!
Merry Reading!🎄🎄
Day 12 – congratulations Roman!
Day 9 – well  done Hunter!
Day 8 – congratulations Esmai!
Day 7 – Alfie found this book hidden on the middle corridor reading display. Well done!
Day 6 – congratulations Willow!
Day 5 – congratulations Lucas!
Day 4 – well done Amelia!
Day 3 – congratulations Hanna!
Day 2 – well done Rhys!

Day 1 – Layla who found the book in top corridors Christmas tree! Well done, Layla.



2.12.19 – Well Done to Alfie!

18.11.19 – Well Done to Valentina!

4.11.19 – Well Done to Jack and Roman!

20.12.19 – Well done to George!

9.1.20 – Well done to Karolina!

8.1.20 – Well done to Noah!

27.1.20 – Well done to Brooke and Hoorain!



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