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Curriculum Overview

The school curriculum is designed to provide children with engaging and exciting opportunities. Lessons are planned to challenge children and have high expectations of all groups of pupils.

In addition to classroom based learning the school uses the whole building and grounds to ensure learning experiences are maximised. Focused learning weeks and excursions outside of school form part of the curriculum and add a level of enrichment.

Each half term the focus of the curriculum changes. The focus is shared across the school and subject leaders ensure that progression and coverage in terms of the National Curriculum is secure across the school. The topics are planned to co-ordinate with national, regional or local events throughout the year.

For any queries, please contact Kate Flint or another member of the school admin team  on 01302 349275 and you will be directed to the relevant person.

Kingfisher Global Citizenship Curriculum

Global Citizenship Overview

Global Citizenship Policy

Curriculum Linked to the Global Citizenship objectives and development goals

Year One Long Term Plan

Year Two Long Term Plan

Year Three Long Term Plan

Year Four Long Term Plan

Year Five Long Term Plan

Year Six Long Term Plan

Curriculum Overviews

Computing Progression of Skills

Computing Progression of Skills[1]

Art Overview

DT Overview

Geography Overview

History Overview

Science Overview

Year 1 History Overview, Year 2 History Overview,  Year 3 History Overview, Year 4 History Overview, Year 5 History Overview, Year 6 History Overview

Science Expectations Year 1 Overview Year 1 Science Units SOW Year 2 Overview Year 2 Science Units SOW Year 3 Overview Year 3 Science SOW Units Year 4 Overview Year 4 Science SOW Units Year 5 Overview Year 5 Science Units SOW Year 6 Overview Year 6 Science Units SOW


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