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Y6 visit to Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew gives Year 6 pupils life skills to deal with and avoid a range of potentially hazardous situations. It is supported by staff from Rotherham Road Safety, South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

On 12th March, Year 6 travelled to the Lifewise Centre, Rotherham as part of their Crucial Crew trip.

• The visit covered the following aspects:
• Road safety
• How to travel safely on a bus
• Internet safety
• First aid
• As part of the learning the children visited a replica pub, a shop, a playground and a courtroom. They learned about the consequences involved if you break the law. E.g. stealing from shops; buying/ drinking alcohol or other illegal substances.

‘I think it was a really cool experience because this can save lives’ – Ula
‘I thought that it was amazing because there was a huge set that looked like it was from a soap opera’ – Daniel
‘I learnt so many things specifically how to react to a fire in your house’ – Ellis
‘I think it was quite educational, especially how to handle a fire in your house’ – Leon
‘Everyone enjoyed Crucial Crew, we learnt about what happens in a court’ – Sufy
‘I found it interesting to see what a real jail cell looks like’ – Harry
‘My favourite part was the court room because most of us got to take part and sit alongside real magistrates’ – Madison

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